Friday, June 22, 2018

New Fantastic Finds Products

Part of the entreprenuership journey is learning how to run a successful business AND when to accept that a certain model isn't working as you thought it would. My store was becoming too complicated and I had a serious problem with the idea of waiting for days to see items shipped and to arrive where they needed to go. So, since I make it my goal to improve my service in any way I can, I've decided to cut out parts of my business and reorganize my product offerings. At the moment, I'm working on new products and doing a lot of thinking and research how to better use my skills for success. I have always loved jewelry and jewelry making, so now I have added my own products for sale. These are not only offered on my boutique's website, but in other places as well, to improve my visibility in the area. I'll keep you posted on whether or not that works.

Since I'm super proud of my creations, here's some pics so you can enjoy them as well!
Here's all my necklaces together. Obviously the charms werent hand made by me, but were chosen and put together by yours truly!

These necklaces will be live on the website by tomorrow afternoon my time at the latest, and I'd love to ship one out to anyone interested!

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