Thursday, June 21, 2018

Living a Life of Health and Wellness

My Journey with Essential Oils

Over the past few weeks I have been learning about essential oils and how they can support a healthy lifestyle. Living a life eating and drinking and using whatever you want can be easier, but convenience is sacrificed for health and wellness. Throughout my journey through life, I have realized that beginning and maintaining a healthy life is more important than convenience! Short answer is yes they do support healthy vitality and well running body systems. I have started with the premium starter kit that comes with a diffuser, multiple different oils, and a few samples of their different items. I did the math and it's a bit cheaper to just spring for the whole thing. I chose Young Living for a variety of reasons, to include the costs of the kits and the contents. Each oil in the kit was directly useful to me in a lot of areas. Young Living is unique in that it uses a seed to seal guarantee meaning that the oils used are watched from seedlings throughout the entire process. I love that assurance that what I'm putting in my body and into the air are not adulterated in any way. `

I'm not going to bore you with details and compensation, and all the extra stuff since that's not my style. My wish is to show you what these oils do for my family and for our life. I'm not going all into every single oil and what they do, although I will be posting more as my expertise grows. Here I will focus on some of my favorite ones. 

Natures Natural Antiseptic and Deodorizer! 

Lemon is a great oil for the face. It's a natural astringent, and great for building a beautiful complexion. Also known for its cleaning ability and cutting out odors, a couple drops to a diffuser or in a spray bottle will help fix a stinky house naturally! Also, for the benefits to your face, you can add a couple drops to your face cleaner and incorporate it into your regimen!

Oil of the Ancients!
Frankincense is well known in the ancient world as both a religious oil and as an antiseptic. Frankincense is created by using the resin from a tree found native in Somalia. Frankincense operates at a high vibration, which is why it's often used as a religious oil as it tends to bring its user to a higher spiritual existence. If you're not religious, that's okay. This oil can help focus and concentration and create an atmosphere of better creativity. It's not just for that though! I use it as a calming agent, in my facial care regimen, and in bath products!

Enrich your life!

Purification is probably my most favorite oil I use. I use it daily to remove odors from my home. This oil is a fantastic mix of several different oils, all of which remove odors and provide a fresh scent without adding toxic chemicals to our air. This is crucial if you're trying to limit or eliminate any exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals.

These three oils are not my only favorites, but they are ones I use pretty constantly! I love them because as a parent of children, smells and stinks and messes are par for the course. We all use oils and everyone here loves them. I would love to hear your opinions, ideas, things that work, etc in the comments! 

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