Sunday, February 18, 2018

I choose to be kind

In a world that thrives on anger and judgment,
Choose to be kind.
In a world that loves to condemn anyone different,
Choose to be kind.
In a world that hates all who stand for what they believe in,
Choose to be kind.
In a world that loves discord, judgment, and holier than thou,
Choose to be kind.
In a world that is crying and hurt,
Choose to be kind.

I will love those who do not want to be loved
I will love those who are different.
I will love those who cry at night wishing to belong.
I will choose to love,
I will choose to include,
I will choose to be kind,

This has been on my mind lately with all the hate, anger, and condemnation swirling around our lives and on social media. We must make a conscious choice to be kind, to love, to respect, to include, to help, and to be the change we want to see. Change doesn't start on its own. It starts when people begin to understand the power of their words and how they can hurt or heal. It starts when we accept that we have been hurtful to those we love and choose to change and become welcoming and not to accept anger as a first resort. What would happen if all of us choose to love and to ignore the anger floating around? What if we understood that lashing out often happens because we do not feel accepted for who we are and for what we can offer the world? If you see a person who obviously feels out of place and uncomfortable, go up to them and welcome them into your circle of friends. If you see someone who isn't happy with something you have said, go to them and try to find a place where you can be at peace. Live your life understanding that everyone has their own struggles.

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