Thursday, February 8, 2018

Introduction, Affiliate Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy. Welcome All!

As a parent, I find that life tends to throw so many things our way regarding what's good and what's not for our children. Being limited to a blog that only deals with saving money keeps me from sharing opinions or things that might help a parent in other ways, which is my goal for this blog. I will be doing some affiliate marketing as a way to help finance this blog and help keep me from having to put kids in daycare (which I can't afford, working or not) and help provide some useful information for those who need it. So, as a disclaimer, many of the links provided or products reviewed may contain affiliate links, which provide financial compensation for me and my family. This income will be used to provide extracurricular activities and necessities for my family and allow me the time to continue with this blog and the others I run.

There really is no specific theme in my plans for this space. I have wide interests, so many if not all will find their way on here. I plan on organizing my content as I go, so it's easier to find things you're looking for. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing any comments you feel led to make.

Also, any information that is disclosed, such as names, email addresses, personal identifying information will be kept only for the use of professional business and will be automatically deleted upon request. This includes ALL services across ALL my blogs. I take privacy seriously, and hate when my information is sold to other advertisers. I will keep your information secure.

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